Winery San Giacomo was born from the passion shared with my son for good wine and artisan beer and confidence in the potential of the internet, with the aim of letting small local producers know online. First, we taste and evaluate the wines, to offer a selection of high quality products at reasonable prices


In our online shop there is also a catalogue of wines awarded by the best guides of the sector, such as the prize three glasses of Gambero Rosso, and a range of organic and biodynamic products. All the products are accompanied by a detailed description, able to guide you in the choice of the wine and beer more suitable for you. If you are not sure about the choice to make, our sommelier is available to help you decide by calling us at number 0434036635 or leaving us a message from the contact page.


Conservation is a key element in maintaining wine. For this reason we keep the bottles in places suitable for controlled temperature, raised from the ground to avoid vibrations and with a minimum exposure to the light.

Come and visit us!
We are also present with a shop selling direct to Cordenons (PN), in via Cesare Battisti 29.


The village San Giacomo of Cordenons (PN) is located on an ancient Roman Street, which carried travellers and pilgrims to the fords of the Cellina and Meduna rivers and then continued north to Austria. this village was the last town before the fords and before San Daniele (UD), a town 45 km away: so travelers often spent the night in the houses of the Cordenonesi, which also provided the stables to give shelter to the horses. A few meters from our shop, you will find the ancient church of St. Giacomo Apostle, dating back to the second half of the fifteenth century, which gives its name to the village and now also to our activity.